Why Vacuum Therapy? The Benefits of Vacuum Therapy Devices For Treating ED

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Vacuum therapy devices provide an appealing solution to ED; they offer many advantages over other forms of therapy, drug treatments, and invasive surgeries designed to treat erectile problems facing millions of men. Here are some of the reasons why many of those men continue to enjoy their sex lives with the help of vacuum therapy devices:

1) Faster results than Drugs with No Invasive Side Effects – Vacuum devices provide almost instant erections using negative pressure to pull blood in the penis. There are many drugs that can facilitate erections, but often with side effects. In fact, even in recent news drugs like Viagra are showing more signs for long-term side effects including hearing loss and dangerous blood pressure levels in some individuals with pre-existing health conditions that make taking drugs less appealing, less practical, or even harmful to health. Vacuum therapy systems simply do not have these negative side effects, and often work faster than the 1/2 hour – 2 hour period needed to wait for the drugs to kick in.

2) Sustain and Terminate Erections on Demand – With drugs, erections go away when the drug effects wear off, offering little or no control over the erection. With vacuum therapy, the user is in complete control of their erection, and when no longer desired, the user simply needs to remove the tension ring.

3) Ability to Control Erectile Function – Vacuum therapy systems allow the user to literally create their erections, and terminate them when they choose. Contrast with drugs, which allow the user no control over when they achieve or stop an erection.

4) Lower Long-Term Expense – Face it, expensive ED Medications can add up quick. A medical grade vacuum therapy device will cost more up front, but provides erections on demand years.

5) Covered by Some Health Insurance – Many brands of devices are commonly covered and reimbursed under Medicare and many health insurance.

5) Therapeutic and Predictable Results – Vacuum therapy can be used for more than just achieving and maintaining erections for sex. In fact, it’s advised that men have several erections per day to keep the penis and genitals healthy. The penile tissue requires blood flow to stay healthy and maintain its length. Without natural erections to move this blood through the penis, the penile tissue becomes atrophied, making it more difficult to achieve erections and degrades length over time. Penile Rehabilitation helps many users maintain penile length and also achieve full erectile function when done correctly with a vacuum therapy system.

6) Over 90% Effectiveness – Erectile Dysfunction affects millions of men over the age of 50. There are few treatment options which boast the levels of safety and effectiveness of Vacuum therapy. Clinical studies by urologists show that vacuum pumps facilitate healthy penile health and blood flow.

Many of those suffering from ED often pursue drug treatments available – but pills are not for everyone! Some of those who suffer from ED can also have cardiovascular disease, nitrates for chest pain, high blood pressure medications, diabetes, or have had a radical prostatectomy. In these cases, drug treatments often can be dangerous or risky. Vacuum therapy provides near instant results without the side effects that go along with taking drugs.


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