Exercises on penile enhancement – penis enlargement exercise, workouts

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With the enhancement of sexual pleasure among the people in the society, individuals are getting obsessed with size and shape of penis. Many males’ personalities are much tensed about the size of penis they are holding. They are even going out of the way to compensate their penile size. Apart from creams and creams, people can also avail exercises for penile enhancement.

Theory on Penile Enhancement

Penis is not regarded as a muscle in normal sense. But, many people believe to get its size increased with proper exercise. While exercising, blood is allowed to get inside the penis with a force which also supplies necessary nutrients and supplements. When individuals keep on increasing the frequency of exercise, due to regular supply of nutrients in the tissue, the size of penis is increased permanently. The technique of exercise adopted by people can be different, but the basic concept remains the same.

Varity of Penile Enhancement exercise

The basic technique of male enhancement is stretching. You can either carry on with stretching activities manually or associate some weight with the penis. Along with other exercises in an individual’s routine, stretching works brilliantly in limbering the tissues. This way, the entire lot of tissue gets ready for the training. Exercise also includes:

Gripping the base of penis

  • Holding the penis for a period of 30 seconds
  • Pulling penis downwards
  • Stretching it side ways


Another important variety of male enhancement treatment is known as Jelqing. Here, the activity is performed by keeping hand in such a position that it can grip the base of the penis firmly. Now, you have to move your hand towards the tip from the base. This activity is very effective in trapping blood inside the penis and forcing it to the shaft toward the upward position. If you can practice this regularly, there would be a terrific increase in the size of penis. If you are a beginner in this exercise, you must go ahead with the 10 minutes session.

Ulis with additional girth

If you are willing to enhance your penis with additional girth, Ulis can be an extra ordinary measure. This is an advanced technique adopted by many male personalities who wish to add additional girth. But, this technique is not recommended for the beginners. You have to form a grip like that in the Jelqing. Here, you have to hold the penis from the base for a period of 30-60 seconds.

JAI stretch

Another way of gaining additional muscle and enhancement of penis is known as JAI stretch. This is the most recommended procedure that enhances muscles spectacularly. This is a proven way of gaining height and volume of the penis. Even the beginners can avail this procedure to enhance their penile tissue. Here, you have to stretch your penis gently for 2 seconds and release the stretch without totally leaving it. You can take rest for 2 seconds and continue this procedure once again.

You must give time and effort in a regular basis to get result. You must take suggestion from experts and physicians before practicing.


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