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The average size of a penis according to study is just about 5 inches when erect and this transcends to about 3 inches flaccid. The size of a penis has absolutely nothing to do with sexual satisfaction or pleasure. During puberty, the penis size is the last to change and it changes gradually, secondly the penis always looks small from your eye angle just the way your feet look smaller than it actually is. The actual size needed for sexual satisfaction of a partner is just about 3 inches, it is more important to know how to use what you have than having something in abundance. The penis also grows larger as you grow, this might not be as much as you want it but it does.


Male genital enlargement is however an option. Male enhancement Products options include natural hands exercise called jelqing, pills , cream , pumps and surgery. Pills have been known in most cases to cause a lot of side effect such as migraine with little result. Creams on the other hand gives a slow and steady male genital enlargement. Pumps have been often regarded as a waste of time and energy. Surgery, which gives the best result is rather too expensive unless you are in Cuba where it is reportedly free. “Male genital enlargement products are now increasingly being used by teenagers now”, says a report which tracks the ages of buyers.

Herbal Health product is a better way as compare to others, like shaktivardhan is providing sexual enhancement products for increase stamina for men and women also, just visit on, fill the order form or call on his toll free number.

Before you go about investing in your penis, you need to know that nobody has ever married a man for the size of his junk, it takes more than a big dick to make a man. You should not be worried about the size of your junk but instead be courteous of what you eat and your habits to ensure that you are in great shape and lose belly fat. But if you are in great shape and the Wong isn’t then it might just need a little bit of assistance.


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