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Shakti Vardhan is part of the fast growing Shakti Vardhan Group in UAE and India, We have providing an online and television based retail network specializing in an assortment of Educational, Spiritual, Astrological, Health & Wellness products. Shaktivardhan products improve healthy lifestyles, while offering competitive pricing, reliable service and an informed buying experience. Keeping in line with our philosophy of inspiring traditions and enriching lifestyles, Shakti Vardhan continues to identify sexual enhancement products for male and female also with religious, astrological and wellness.

Herbal drug standardization

Shaktivardhan Standardization is a system that ensures a predefined amount of quantity, quality & therapeutic effect of ingredients in each dose 25gm. Herbal product cannot be considered scientifically valid if the drug tested has not been authenticated and characterized in order to ensure reproducibility in the manufacturing of the product. Moreover, many dangerous and lethal side effects have recently been reported, including direct toxic effects, allergic reactions, effects from contaminants, and interactions with herbal drugs6. Therapeutic activity of an herbal formulation depends on its physiochemical constituents. The development of authentic analytical methods which can reliably profile the physiochemical composition, including quantitative analyses of marker/ bioactive compounds and other major constituents, is a major challenge to scientists. In view of the above, standardization is an important step for the establishment of a consistent biological activity, a consistent chemical profile, or simply a quality assurance program for production and manufacturing of an herbal drug. The authentication of herbal drugs and identification of adulterants from genuine medicinal herbs are essential for both pharmaceutical companies as well as public health and to ensure reproducible quality of herbal medicine.  Many other also techniques but it’s working sort term and high chances for side effects but as compare to others, shakti vardhan is best options for all sexual problems.

Shaktivardhan Products information : Shaktivardhan is a sexual enhancement product for all prevent to all sexual problems like increase penis size, wellness, low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction and more others. It’s totally herbal products and without any side effects, at this time 3,47,291 people using this products and we have all feedback is positive. If you are trouble with any sexual so get use this and prevent yourself.  If you want to these sexual herbal health products so just fill the order or visit on our website

Shakti Vardhan works as an herbal tonic that is as good for overall health as it is for sex related problems. It gives you:-

  • Extra power & stamina
  • Extra time for longer sex act
  • Extra strength for longer erection
  • Extra Pleasure every time

Health Herbal Products Shakti Vardhan is ultimate ayurvedic sex supplement for ultimate sex life. It is formulated from natural aphrodisiac & sex stimulant herbs like SAFED MUSLI, SHILAJIT  and ASHAVGANDHA etc.All above said herbs are great natural sex stimulants. Health Herbal Products Shakti Vardhan is a dietary supplement beneficial for Erectile Dysfunction and overall health. It is a breakthrough ayurvedic formula as an natural sex enhancement solutions worldwide. It is best remedy for Erectile Dysfunction and pre mature ejection.



Shakti Vardhan LG-3,Girnar Tower
New Palasia, Indore – 452001

Main: (91)- 8120300400


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